Pre-booking meeting

This is your chance to meet with me to discuss the type of ceremony that you are dreaming about. I'll listen to what you have to say and make some suggestions about how to make it happen for you.

Notice of Intended Marriage

The Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be completed and lodged with an authorised celebrant at least one month before the ceremony can take place.  There is some leeway for emergency shortening of time but a case must be made to a Prescribed Authority (not the celebrant) before that can be approved.  When you come to lodge your Notice, you must have with you proof of age and identity such as a valid passport (can be expired but not cancelled), full birth certificate (preferred) along with photo ID, and where applicable, evidence of the end of any previous marriage (divorce or death certificates). 

The cost of this service is $100, is non-refundable, and comes off the total cost of the wedding.

It is usually accompanied by the non-refundable booking fee of $100 which also comes off the total cost of the wedding