Ashes: Interment Ceremony or Scattering Ceremony

You've had a call to be told that the ashes of your loved one are ready for release.


What do you do now?

There are many options for a permanent resting place for these final remains and how you deal with them is a personal choice.

Your funeral director or I can advise you on the range of possibilities that would be in line with your personal preferences or those of the deceased if they have made their wishes known.

The ceremony may be an intimate one involving just the immediate family or more inclusive of as many attendees as you wish to be present. If this ceremony is a follow-up to a funeral, then you might choose to keep it brief with simple readings, poems  or prayers as applicable. If you are using the occasion to be the funeral then it is likely to be more expansive and include readings and eulogies.

I'll be happy to discuss your preferences with you to make this final ceremony a truly meaningful one.